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VaxForm & Millipore present poster at 2014 NBC

May 28, 2014 6:01 am

Bethlehem, PA:  VaxForm & Millipore presented a poster entitled "Tangential Flow Filtration Application for the Purification and Production of S. pyogenes vaccine from E. Coli inclusion bodies"  at the 2014 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference in San Diego, CA. Bacterial expression of recombinant proteins in the form of insoluble intracellular aggregates (inclusion bodies or IB) is an efficient mechanism for accumulation of high levels of target protein. However, inclusion bodies present challenges with respect to particle handling, solid/liquid separation and purification of target protein from contaminating cellular components such as host cell protein, endotoxin.

In this work, Vaxform LLC and EMD Millipore have collaborated to develop membrane-based unit operations for the purification of inclusion bodies from a bacterial expression system. The product being purified was a recombinant fusion protein antigen targeting S. pyogenes.