Who we are

Garry L Morefield, Ph.D.

Garry brings a unique perspective to vaccine formulation in that he has an extensive research background in this area. His scientific acumen is especially valuable to clients in the development, optimization, and validation of vaccine adjuvantation.

He obtained his doctorate under Dr. Stanley Hem studying how aluminum adjuvants function in vaccines. He has extensive knowledge of aluminum adjuvants and has served as an expert witness in patent prosecution.

Garry also has an excellent understanding of the unique challenges faced with the development of vaccines for marketing to the general public with his experience at sanofi pasteur as well as biodefense vaccines with his experience at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID).

Garry L Morefield

With the continuous emergence of new infectious diseases and new strains of current diseases, such as the novel H1N1 influenza in 2009, in combination with expanding competition in the vaccine marketplace the pressure to develop vaccine formulations right the first time is increasing. As vaccines are complex, costly, and have high risk associated with their development it is necessary to maximize the potential for development of a successful formulation quicklysays Dr Garry Morefield, President of VaxForm LLC.


Elodie Burlet, Ph.D.

Deputy Director, Process Development

Dr. Burlet joined VaxForm in June 2014 after obtaining her Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.

As Development Scientist for the first 5 years, she helped several vaccine candidates advance through the pre-clinical phases by optimizing upstream and downstream processes, improving bulk drug substances and final drug product formulations, testing various aluminum adjuvant systems, and develop analytical assays. She has worked with inactivated viral vaccine, mono and multi-valent recombinant vaccines, conjugate vaccines, and various adjuvant systems. She was also the lead scientist on VaxForm’s internal projects: Group A Streptococcal vaccine candidate (see publications) and oral delivery platform technology, where she played a key role in obtaining NSF SBIR Phase I funding to further advance the delivery platform.

Thanks to the continuing success of VaxForm’s contract projects and securing additional grant funding, the company added two full-time employees in 2019, and in May 2019, Dr. Burlet was promoted Deputy Director to oversee the projects and manage the process development team.


About VaxForm

VaxForm, is a Limited Liability Company, based in Pennsylvania, performing  vaccine formulation development. VaxForm can provide the expertise required to efficiently move your product through discovery, pre-formulation characterization, formulation development and into clinical trials. VaxForm tailor each project to your needs and put together a solution to respect the environment and strategy of your business, and reach an effective solution to achieve your objectives to responds to the spectrum of global health needs.